Artists To Watch In 2017

So I've been seeing theses ones to watch list pop out in the past few weeks, and cool platforms such as Link Up TV have been highlighting the very best artist that will be making some noise in 2017. So I was inspired to do the same but with artists and music acts who we STRONGLY believe will make a huge dent in 2017. A lot of the artists listed have performed on our platform Art Meets Music and also showcase a work ethic like no other. These artist WORK THEIR SOCKS OFF FOR THEIR CRAFT!!!!!!! And its only right that we let our fan base know who we're fans of and who will be attracting your attention in 2017 and beyond.

So in no particular order, here are the artist to watch out for in 2017:

  • Tom Fitch Art
  • Willkay
  • Koby Martin
  • Azarra Amoy
  • Hamed Hazel
  • Will Prince
  • Wizzy Wow
  • Stazzy Art
  • Piicasa
  • Paiceiano
  • Perplex Square
  • Altonia Gordan
  • Resistant Artist
  • Jasmin Sehra
  • Mathew Vieira
  • Mezhane Artist
  • Sarah Owusu
  • Jenny B Musungay
  • kirzart
  • Batoul Maria
  • Yinka Says
  • London Artists
  • Laura May
  • Kay Davis