Master Barber Rob Ferrel Turns Heads to Canvases With Unique Artistry

Hair-styling has always been a very personal art-form centered around self-expression, but only until relatively recently has it began to take cues from other art genres such as graffiti and illustration. While the earlier days of hip-hop saw b-boys and emcees carving tags and subtle designs into their dome-piece, today we’re seeing mural-like haircuts that are now the inspiration, thanks to master barbers like Roberto Ferrel.

Also known as “Rob the Original,” Ferrel entered the world of hair-styling back in 2006 and now runs his own barbershop in San Antonio, Texas. Alongside the help of Old Spice, Rob has been able to create masterpieces on the heads of his clients with portraits that range from Dr. Dre to Kevin Durant and so much more. However in this exclusive video, Rob creates a very special “Jordan Crying Face” using just hair trimmings. Check out the video above and watch Rob go to work. @Hypebeast