Adanna Duru Releases Debut EP ‘Stardive’

Stardive opens with the Wiidope-produced lead single ‘Atlantis’, which is a lush and captivating electronic R&B offering, over which Adanna sings rather poignantly about how her faith in God helped her overcome depression in 2016, and the liberating slow-burning jam that is ‘Tape’, about the end of an 8-year obsession with her childhood crush. The record then enters into its own with ‘Fingertips’, a sultry slow jam backed by an 80’s inspired synth-heavy bassline and lush drums.

Other highlights on the 7-track EP include the 80’s Funk-inspired ‘Tony’, which features a glorious instrumental interlude that perfectly closes out the track, the moody and atmospheric ballad ‘Are You Gonna Call’, and the acoustic yet complex, and touching EP title track ‘Stardive’, with which Adanna continues to open up about her battle with depression, but also offers some uplifting words about trusting in the ambiguity that is your future, and finding a new level of contentment.