We take art from the gram to real life!! We believe in thinking differently. We challenge the art of creativity by delivering imaginative experiences in music, art, inclusive projects, developing talent and by producing inspiring content. We just happen to curate DOPE events. Want to join us at our next one.



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FOUNDED IN 2014, by Adedayo Adegbite Sanusi, out of a desire to fill a cultural void and to create a pioneering platform that celebrated the next generation of creative talents - Art Meets Music is a one-of-a-kind experience, designed to celebrate, promote, and develop artists and musicians. 

Tapping into the importance of social media in the artist community, this unique event will allow music and art enthusiasts to come together and share their experiences, with a specifically tailored social media campaign. 

Targeted predominately to the millennial generations, Art Meets Music is sensitive to aesthetics, capitalizes the latest tech trends and understands the importance of satisfying this generation’s need for compelling and modern music and art.



BBC 1xtra DIY Generation

Timeout London