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Art Meets Music - 29th Of November

Art Meets Music returns with their final show of 2017! After 4 successful sold out events, we want to end 2017 with another exciting pop-up show including a number of very talented artists.

We’ve have had an incredible year supporting the best up and coming artists/musicians in the scene and helping them grow to have incredible careers. 2018 we will be stepping it up a level so enjoy our final show of the year.

Thank you

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Time: 19:00pm – 23:00pm

Hosted By

Munya Chawawa


DJ Sarah Harrison


Performances By


Malick IV 

Dami Sule


Ashden Oke

Ashley David


Art Exhibited By


Wavy Artist

Laura-May J

Jenny B Musugay



Relentless No 5

5 Denmark Street, London WC2H